cyclonic filter


Size range: DN100 (4”) – larger on request 
Installation: Wafer-type 

The Oxford Flow Cyclonic Gas Filter removes up to 99.5% of solid particles with little pressure drop.The aerodynamic performance of the cyclone has been optimised using the latest computer simulation and experimental techniques. Perfect for both dirty, heavily loaded applications (e.g. black powder in natural gas transmission and during pigging) or for applications requiring reduced maintenance.
Particles are captured in a large collection bin capable of storing up to 5 kg / 11 lb of material. The pressure drop across the cyclonic filter is 3 times less than an equivalent clean 50 um / 0.002” strainer. Unlike a strainer, the pressure drop across the cyclonic filter remains constant as particles are captured.

Our design supports both manual and automatic alarms to identify when the bin is full. Units are designed for working pressures up to 69 barg / 1000 psig. Designed for ease of use, manual handling, and reduced maintenance.


  • Collects all solid particles above 50 umdiameter
  • 99.5% collection efficiency for typical gastransmission application
  • Pressure drop 3 times less than a clean 50 um /0.002” strainer
  • Constant pressure drop characteristic; no strainer, no clogging
  • 5 kg / 11 lb collection bin capacity, designed for manual handling and tool-less entry
  • Maintenance interval 500 times longer than a conventional in-line strainer
  • Bin fill alarm either manual (visual) or automatic (electronic)
  • Optional strainer for capturing particles below 50 um / 0.002”

“We’ve been really impressed with Oxford Flow products. They’re simply better than anything else we’ve seen on the market.”
James Carr, European Operations Manager at Veolia Mobile Water Services


If you would like to learn more about the solutions Oxford Flow can offer your business, please get in touch. Speak to our pressure and flow control experts to discover elegantly engineered solutions for high-pressure gas and fluid control applications that will increase reliability and reduce costs.


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