Veolia provides a wide range of waste, water and energy management services to a broad spectrum of clients. Its Mobile Water Services Division is a market leader in the provision of on-site purified water services from purpose-built HGV trailers to industrial processors and plants across the UK and Europe.

The Challenge

The key to efficient service and satisfied customers lies in accurate pressure control from the hydrant supply through the purification system and into the client’s system. It is somewhat of a Goldilocks scenario; too much pressure and there is a risk of damaging expensive customer assets. Too little pressure on the other hand could result in a failure to fully purify the system and thereby jeopardise the quality of the customers’ products/processes. Veolia needed a PRV that could deliver a pressure that was just right.


  • Lightweight – manufactured using WRAS approved Acetyl resin and weighs a 1/10th of competitor PRVs
  • Streamlined operation – includes quick release connection to enable rapid deployment
  • Precision control – reduced hunting, flow turbulence and head-drop
  • Power – just one PRV can handle flow rates that previously required two PRVs to achieve.
  • Flexible – suitable for a range of customer equipment
  • Cost-effective – minimal labour costs and setup time

The solution: Oxford Flow’s IP Series pressure reducing valve (PRV)

The rugged lightweight design of Oxford Flow’s IP Series PRV offers easy adjustment of set pressure along with an innovative speed of response control, making set up and delivery of carefully controlled pressure and flow exactly to customer specifications a much quicker and efficient process.

“Simply better than anything else” James Carr, European Operations Manager at Veolia Mobile Water Services, explains why Oxford Flow beats the competition:

“We’ve looked for a solution to this issue for a long time, and Oxford Flow’s PRV may just be it. The valves we’ve been using are extremely heavy, making installation tricky and expensive. However, Oxford Flow’s PRV is made of plastic, and much, much lighter than all other comparable devices. This makes installation much easier, and greatly reduces our labour costs. Because pressure can be controlled with such precision by these devices, there’s reduced hunting. Flow turbulence and head-drop are also minimised, and it’s less noisy too.

And another real advantage of the Oxford Flow PRV is that it is so flexible. Our equipment needs to connect to many different customer utilities, which means lots of pressure differentials and varying flow rates. This can sometimes be a challenge to manage and if not properly managed can be a risk to our or the client’s equipment. We’ve been really impressed with Oxford Flow products. They’re simply better than anything else we’ve seen on the market. We intend to replace all of our current PRVs with the Oxford model in the future – It simply makes sense, commercially and practically.”

What They Said

"We intend to replace all of our current PRVs with the Oxford model in the future – It simply makes sense, commercially and practically."
James Carr, European Operations Manager at Veolia Mobile Water Services

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