The Challenge

Monterrey’s had a problem with supplying constant water capacity and pressure to all their customers.

Client Monterrey’s Water Supply and Sewerage Company (SADM)

The solution: Oxford Flow’s IP series PRV valve

An Oxford Flow IP150 valve was installed on an 8″ tank inlet utilising the existing float valve and was observed over several days utilising data loggers.

From day one the Oxford Flow IP Series valve performed exceptionally well in the challenging operating environment. Engineers form Monterrey were amazed at the ease with which the valve performed across flow conditions that were previously unmanageable.

Oxford Flow’s product really shined when faced with the low upstream head conditions and was able to quickly and accurately respond to all commands from the existing


  • Lightweight – manufactured using WRAS approved Acetyl resin and weighs a 1/10th of competitor PRVs
  • Streamlined operation – includes quick release connection to enable rapid deployment
  • Precision control – reduced hunting, flow turbulence and head-drop
  • Power – just one PRV can handle flow rates that previously required two PRVs to achieve.
  • Flexible – suitable for a range of customer equipment
  • Cost-effective – minimal labour costs and set-up time.

What They Said

Monterrey’s Technical and Operations Director commented that in more than 25 years of working with PRVs, they have "never experienced a valve that can control the tanks low differential pressure / head loss."

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