Key Benefits

Oxford Flow produces the most precise and accurate flow control valves in the world. Its pressure flow regulators are a fraction of the weight of traditional products and are virtually maintenance free. This disruptive, patented technology is used in water & gas distribution networks, oil & gas systems and industrial processes.

The Problem with Flow Control Valves

  • Heavy – 300 lbs for 6” valve
  • Imprecise – Inaccurate, Unstable at low flow and requires a large operating differential (at least 7 psi)
  • Unreliable – Frequent diaphragm failure
  • Complex – Difficult to commission and service
  • High Maintenance. – Complex ongoing servicing requirements

Modest innovations in control valve design for decades… until now.




The Lowdown

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Light-weight World’s lightest water distribution valve (3.5 kg 4”) World’s lightest natural gas distribution valve (9 kg 4”) World’s lightest
gas valve (9 kg 4”)
Simplicity World’s first polymer PRV
for the water industry
1/10th bill of materials
4 machined parts
6 machined parts
not 100+
Reliability Corrosion / cavitation resistant

No diaphragm One moving part

No diaphragm
One moving part
Accuracy High accuracy High accuracy Most precise PRV
in the world
Stability Stable performance over wide range of pressure inputs
Build Cost Fewer parts, modular machined design, lower manufacture cost in volume
Maintenance Virtually maintenance free (lifetime seals pack)
Compact Simple installation + significant shipping and manual handling benefits
Bespoke Tailored solutions, operation and custom media compatibility (e.g. exotic materials)